A Merchant Account must be obtained in order to process credit card transactions.

If you need to open a merchant account:
WashGear recommends that a Merchant Account be set up as soon as you decide to purchase your WashGear system. It may take 5 to 10 days depending on the provider you choose. You must contact a Bank or Merchant Service Provider to set up a Merchant Account. Note: Vital Platform is the only Platform supported by WashGear.

No matter which option you choose, WashGear will need your merchant provider to fax or e-mail your merchant account information and contact information for both you and them to 970-241-8695 or WashGear will then send your merchant account set up sheet to your distributor or you via fax or e-mail.

You may choose your own merchant provider as long as they provide you with an account set up on the Vital platform. If you elect to use a merchant providers not listed on this page, WashGear will require the purchase of a Merchant Provider Support Package at the cost of $75 per site due to the inevitable increase in support associated with merchant providers not experienced with WashGear.

The merchant provider will ask you the following questions:
  1. What is the name of the company or system that you will be using? WashGear
  2. What is the name of the software? CardWorks
  3. CardMate terminals are a customer activated terminal
  4. No signature is captured
  5. Only 1 terminal ID is required
  6. Is the CardWorks software PCI complaint? Yes
  7. Please provide your provider with the
    set up sheet (in Microsoft Excel format)
How to find a Merchant Provider:
You can contact your local bank to set up a Vital merchant account or do a search on the internet for merchant providers, but in most cases you'll find that as a single merchant, your ability to negotiate a competitive rate will be limited, and many local banks simply lack the technical and/or managerial know how to make the process of opening a merchant account a trouble free experience.

Here is a list of providers that have left WashGear with the most favorable impressions in their dealings with our customers.
  1. Global Payments Integrated (Previously known as TSYS Merchant Solutions)

  2. Dena Vinson , The Payment Professionals,
    Phone: 512-280-5293

If you have an existing merchant account:
If you have an existing merchant account that is set up on Vital platform you may use that account. The CardMate system requires its own terminal ID number so if your installation of the CardMate system is an addition to rather than a replacement of your present credit card processing equipment you must contact your provider and request an additional terminal ID number.

Changing to a new merchant provider:
If you are changing over to a new merchant provider you will need to send your new set up information to WashGear. If you need the assistance of WashGear to change your settings in the software there is a merchant account change over fee of $75.00/site.