Until the timed service is complete, there's no way to know what the final purchase amount will be. For this reason CardWorks authorizes for the maximum dollar amount set in the Costs and Limits section of CardWorks for that device type, then adjusts the amount down to the actual amount purchased before settlement at night. Self serve bays and vacs are both timed devices.

This method is also used by pay at the pump gas stations, hotels, restaurants & car rental companies to name a few.

Check card users are the most common customers to contact you about this because they see the transaction right away when they log into their online banking web site.

The card issuer determines how long the funds will be held but it's usually 24-48 hours after the daily settlement.
- Neither the wash owner, wash owner's bank or WashGear has any control over when the adjustment will be reflected in the customer's online banking records.

To lower the dollar amount that gets authorized, lower the Maximum purchase setting for the device type in the Costs and Limits section of CardWorks.