CardMate is the only system of it's kind that does not require the customer to leave the bay, swipe their card multiple times during a wash or guess how much they've been charged. Both self-serve and automatic bays are activated with a single swipe at the bay, auto cashier or vacuum being used.

The CardMate system has everything you need to start accepting credit, fleet and gift (pre-paid) cards at your self service car wash. With CardWorks, Credit cards are authorized instantly over the internet and fleet and gift cards are approved right on your computer based on credit limits, machine privileges and schedules you set. Because CardWorks has a complete Fleet & Gift card accounting package there's no need to connect to a remote service for fleet or gift card authorization or import your data into accounting software when it's time for billing. When transactions are completed they are immediately sent to the PC and available for reports or billing within CardWorks. CardWorks even backs up its own data automatically.

CardMate harnesses the power of the PC and Ethernet networking technology so it can accommodate up to 255 terminals. Future expansion is also easy. Because the PC is the controller, no additional controllers are required.

The CardMate System is made up of four distinct components:
  1. The Local Area Network consists of a network switch and any combination of CardMate credit card terminals and receipt printers.
  2. The Remote Network consists of either a broadband Cable or DSL modem and the credit card processing company they connect to.
  3. The CardWorks update server provides software updates whenever needed.
  4. The PC running CardWorks software is at the center of the system joining the Local Area Network and the Remote Network together. Its here that all reporting and fleet and gift card accounting activity take place.